AcuLaser Treatment 

AcuLaser Treatment

Laser Therapy applies a cold, low-level laser to specific pressure points on the body.  Often likened to acupuncture without needles, this technology cannot be felt when applied.  No changes occur on the skin's surface during this non-surgical procedure, and its health benefits are well-documented.  The benefits of laser therapy are well documented throughout the world for the power to renew cells and tissue. If you are a smoker, suffer from chronic pain, stress or want to moderate your weight and overall wellness, we encourage you to call us for further information, or simply book an appointment to come see us and begin your quest toward a healthier you.​

Benefits of Laser Therapy Treatment:
  • Holistic approach without stimulants

  • Results are almost immediate

  • Relaxing and comfortable

  • Painless and safe

  • No side effects


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