Brandon Drabek, CNHP

Certified Natural Health Practitioner

Greetings!  My name is Brandon Drabek.  I am passionately committed to guiding mature women to achieve less stress and more energy so they can have more vitality to love their family, improve their career, and live a more balanced life.

If you are looking for a proven natural health practitioner who can guide you to address your stress and fatigue,  you’ve come to the right place.


My mission and commitment is to assist you in fostering deep relaxation. By combining my knowledge of herbs, food, vitamins, minerals, essential oils, and homeopathy with my passion for reflexology I am able to create the "medium", as taught by Hippocrates, where improved vitality and balanced well-being can occur.

My path to become a natural health practitioner became clear at an early age. My Grandma Jo would take me on hikes through the woods and teach me to identify trees by their bark and plants for their health uses.  Her library included many old and worn books on natural remedies and zone therapy that I later enjoyed reading.  This inspired me to become a natural health practitioner.  I have received multiple certifications and diplomas from the Great Lakes School of Integrative Medicine and Trinity School of Natural Health where I am currently completing my designation of Doctor of Naturopathy (ND).

What empowers me about this work is knowing that by applying simple and natural principles based on your unique values the process of achieving balanced vitality works every time.

It would be my pleasure to guide you to achieve the results you desire or the life you imagine in our special work together. 

Let’s continue the conversation over a cup of one of my herbal teas!

Services & Programs

  • Essential Reflexology

  • Comprehensive Reflexology

  • Orthopedic Reflexology

  • Spinal Reflexology

  • Ear Reflexology

  • Reflexology Health Building Program