Aromatherapy is a clinical method of applying essential oils along the energy meridians and visceral contact points on the back and feet to help stimulate and balance the body physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Each essential oil is personally selected using advanced biofeedback software. 


During a session you will lay comfortably draped with a sheet and blanket on a massage table.  The therapist will only need access to your back and feet.  Hot towels are applied and then warm oil is gently massaged onto your back and feet.  Next, hot stones are used to heat up the reflexes, open the pores, and relax the muscles.  One at a time your personally selected essential oils will be gently massaged onto your back and feet.  After each application you're encouraged to breathe deeply to inhale the essential oil and receive the benefits of aromatherapy.  When your session is finished another application of hot stones and hot towels are applied to encourage deeper relaxation.  During the session you will be laying on a BEMER mat and will receive the additional benefits of pulsed EMF therapy.  


75 minutes - $90

Herbal Therapy

Herbal Therapy Pack -for Anxiety, Tension, and Mood Support

Hydrotherapy has been used as a form of healing since the early 1800s.  Of greatest and lasting influence was the work of Father Sebastian Kneipp who used an eclectic and integrated approach combining hydrotherapy with heliotherapy (sunshine) and the indigenous European herbs so well known to him. 


Similarly, Herbal Therapy Packs are a combination of warm wet sheet packs that have been infused with an herbal decoction and wrapped around the body.    


Like acupuncture, herbs enter the body's energy channels and help keep the qi, or energy, of the body flowing smoothly. They can help strengthen the body's qi, blood and essence, and they can help drain and release disease-causing factors inside the body.

The herbs used in your session will be selected based on your consultation and biofeedback.  Then a customized blend will be created for the infusion.


Herbal Therapy Pack - $75

+ add on a detoxifying Castor Oil Pack for only $30